By Dr. Inma Borrella, Dr. Maria Jesus Saenz, and Dr. Elenna Revilla

The case illustrates the process that allows a company to successfully implement a digital transformation strategy in its supply chain. It provides a powerful illustration of Dell Technologies Inc.’s strategic decisions and how the company influenced different steps in its digital transformation.

This case is suitable for graduate- and executive-level courses on strategy, operations, supply chain management, or digital transformation. Ideally, students should have had some exposure to formal supply chain management and processes before discussing this case. After working through the case and assignment questions, students will be able to

  • examine the importance of aligning a common vision among different areas of the company, particularly considering the intrinsic challenges in a giant and diverse enterprise;
  • identify new business opportunities and value propositions behind the implementation of digital capabilities as a necessary component of a supply chain strategy;
  • understand the value of three digital transformation pillars: transparency, predictive analytics, and automation;
  • identify the key incentives that drive the digitalization of the supply chain;
  • explore the process that a large established company with legacy systems and complex operations follows to start its digital supply chain transformation;
  • explore how to implement digital tools on supply chain operations to create value, by integrating capabilities, processes, and key actors; and
  • discuss the challenges that organizations face in achieving digital transformation.

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