Our research on digital supply chain capabilities sheds light on the key combination of hard and soft skills needed for successful digital supply chains.

We combine different tailored education methodologies that best approach the purpose of the topics. From experiential learning approaches to creating a digital learning space combined with on-site workshops at MIT, or from educating very beginners who want to start with a digital supply chain transformative process to more mature organizations accordingly.

Different teams can jointly discuss different scenarios about how the supply chain can be digitally transformed, specifically when different supply chain partners and/or stakeholders want to collectively analyze the manifold digital implications and visualize the evolution of the outcomes.

The education promoted as part of this research initiative allows the different actors from the company combined with the different contributors (present and future) to your digital ecosystem, the understanding, and the experimentation with key drivers and rules that can be established for different supply chain digital scenarios.


New Course: Executive Education Online on Digital SC Transformation

Together with MITx Pro and Emeritus, this 6-week online executive program provides a holistic view of digital transformation in the supply chain by focusing on the creation of three digital capabilities: End-to-End Visibility, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, to reinvent the supply chains. More Information

SCM 294: Digital Supply Chain Transformation (Spring 2024)

This course will allow MIT SCM Master students to learn about creating digital supply chain strategies and experimenting with technology and key digital supply chain capabilities to further implement and transform their dynamic value chains at work.

SCM C51: Advanced Machine Learning Applications for Supply Chain Management

In the rapidly evolving supply chain management landscape, the integration of machine learning techniques has become paramount to achieving efficiency, accuracy, and scalability. This course delves deep into the advanced applications of machine learning tailored for supply chain needs. Learners will be exposed to a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, enabling them to harness the power of cutting-edge algorithms and models to address real-world challenges

SCM 254: Analytical Methods for Supply Chain Management II

In this course, participants will gain expertise in advanced statistics and causal inference methodologies tailored specifically for supply chain managers. The curriculum aims to empower executives and students to assess the efficacy of novel policies or strategies.

Educational Opportunities

Education for Chief Digital Officers, July 2023

Education for Chief Digital Officers, July 2023

Last July 2023 Dr. Maria Jesus Saenz participated in the MIT Professional Education Program “Chief Digital Officer”, with her talk “Digital Supply Chain Transformation, From Strategy to Technology and Operations”.