Our research on digital supply chain capabilities sheds light about the key combination of hard and soft skills needed for successful digital supply chains.

We can combine different tailored education methodologies that best approach the purpose of the topics, from experiential learning approaches to create a digital learning space combined with on-site workshops at MIT or from educating very beginners who want to start with a digital supply chain transformative process to more mature organizations in this regards.

The different digital teams can jointly discuss different supply chain scenarios in the Computational and Visual Education (CAVE) Lab, visualizing the results, especially when different supply chain partners and/or stakeholders want to collectively analyze the manifold digital implications.

The education promoted as part of this research initiative allows the different actors from the company, combined with the different contributors (present and future) to your digital ecosystem, the understanding, and experimentation with the key drivers and rules that can be established for different supply chain digital scenarios. 

Educational Opportunities