Dr. Maria Jesus Saenz, Dr. Inma Borrella, and Dr. Elena Revilla

Digital transformation is a supply chain imperative. But too many companies take too long to accomplish their goals only to be disappointed by the results. Here, we present a supply chain-based framework that helps companies avoid these common pitfalls.

The supply chain is no longer perceived as a cost center. Now, it’s considered a critical component of a company’s business strategy, and digitalization is reinforcing the supply chain’s importance as a strategic resource. Digital technologies enable the supply chain—and hence the company—to meet the needs of increasingly demanding digital customers. And these technologies are transforming relationships within enterprises and externally with partners by increasing transparency and collaboration across the end-to-end supply chain.

Executives should not underestimate the increasing momentum of digitalization, and the importance of supply chains in providing a solid platform for making the required connection between strategy and operations.

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