Delirium Tremens, or the DTs, is a condition that causes “delirium, tremor, anxiety and vivid hallucinations,” according to one dictionary definition. It’s a symptom of alcoholism, but there is another type of DT, digital transformation, caused by the excessive consumption of hype, not alcohol.

The Digital DTs appear to be on the rise in the supply chain community.

This is fed by predictions that we are on the cusp of fully automated supply chains, and dire warnings that companies need to get on the bandwagon fast or be left behind. Some of these predictions border on the hallucinatory. And they can cause anxiety as supply chain professionals fret over their lack of progress on the DT front.

Before practitioners start preparing for mass unemployment because supply chains could become smooth-running, self-regulating utilities within the next 5 to 10 years as one recent article suggests, they should take a step back. The idea that DT will render human expertise redundant in that time frame is surely nonsense.

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