Dr. Maria Jesus Saenz, Ph.D. will be teaching Digitalization in Supply Chain at the Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute, an MIT SCALE Network Center.

Digitalization is revolutionizing supply chains landscape dramatically, but intellectual, searching minds are looking for more elucidation-why shall we embrace digital transformation? How the key supply chain elements are making an impact? By what means, can we synthesize the logistics, information, and financial flows across the supply chain to create value?

In this course, we will address the aforementioned concerns by analyzing the effects of factors such as customer-centric strategies, supply chain expectations about delivery and customization, etc.in the Digital Transformation under the influence of supply chain relationships. We will also visit and discuss relevant case studies of digitally transformed supply chains, which will help achieve a long-term competitive advantage through operations and digital enhanced value generation. 

By the end of this course, we hope the participants will form a better understanding about the why and how, and what to expect in creating their “Digital Supply Chain Transformation Strategy”. 

When:          05/27/2019
Where:     Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China (Room 511 Building 3 Wenyuan Rd.462, Ningbo, Zhejiang )
Language:  English  (With simultaneous translation)

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