We have customized courses for companies in this area, which includes relevant case studies of digitally transformed supply chains, presentations, simulations, and team-based micro-projects. Our approach is based on the applied research that we conduct with companies.

We could cover the following topics, among others:

·         What do we mean by Digital Supply Chain Transformation? Digitizing vs Digitalizing in Supply Chains.

·         Digital SC Transformation Capabilities: Digital leadership, eCommerce, Omnichannel, Synchromodality, Harmonization, Visualization, and Data Governance.

·         The role of technology and its applications to Digital Supply Chains: Industry 4.0. Achieving End-to-End Visibility: Blockchain and IoT, Digital Twins. Applications to Supply Chains.

·         Digital Platforms: Multidimensional Collaboration and Performance.

·         Digital SC Transformation Vision and Roadmap.

·         Advanced Applications: Artificial Intelligence-driven SCs, Human-Machine Teaming Capabilities.

You might contact us for further discussion: digitalsc@mit.edu