Effective Human-Machine Teaming in Artificial Intelligence-Driven Supply Chains

Summary: The MIT Digital SC Transformation research group is currently pursuing a research project on  “Human-Machine Teaming in Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Supply Chains” which aims at developing a practical human-machine teaming framework for effective AI project implementation.

We are currently looking for companies who are open to engaging in a discussion of their experiences in AI initiatives. 

Why is this relevant: AI has in recent years moved from a novel concept to practical applications throughout the global economy. According to a study conducted by McKinsey this dynamic is especially relevant in a supply chain context as 76% of respondents agree that SCM will benefit from AI adoption, and 50% of multinational corporations are expected to have implemented AI in supply chain operations by 2023 according to Gartner. However, according to a 2019 study by research firm IDC, at least 50% of AI projects fail for one in four companies surveyed.

AI is significantly different from previous technologies in that it is highly dynamic and involves reciprocal learning from both the AI and the human team member. Hence, implementation of AI is frequently not as effective as anticipated because firms do not adequately appreciate the dynamics of human-machine teaming.

How you can contribute: Over the past months, we have developed a framework on how to successfully manage human machine teaming in AI driven supply chains based on existing research and real case studies initiatives.

Now, we are looking for companies who have deployed AI in their operations and are open to discussing their experiences and results through a series of interviews and data collection.

Who are we looking for: Ideal candidates for AI projects for this research:

  • Representation of a distinct application of AI in SCM, operations, transportation or logistics processes
  • Interaction and learning between the human and the AI
  • Implementation since several months

What you can expect:

After you have expressed your interest by sending a brief email to digitalsc@mit.edu, we will have a short introductory call to discuss the common interests for the project. We will then schedule a potential date for interviews and data collection. Data will be aggregated in order to guarantee confidentiality. If you would like your company’s name to be included in this MIT research, we will do so.

In the process of this project, you will have access to discuss how to successfully implement AI projects with the MIT Digital SC Transformation team. Moreover, you will receive exclusive access to the results of the study.

Contact Details: If you have any questions, please contact digitalsc@mit.edu

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